The Wellbeing Bears are back & they are here for you! It’s so easy to put other things ahead of our own happiness or Wellbeing when we constantly feeling under pressure to multi-task our way through life. I encourage self care a lot. I talk about the importance of Wellbeing & popping yourself at the top of that to do list - but I can often fall short. Sometimes no matter how good my intentions are, that to do list keeps getting longer and longer and that all important 'self care' becomes less and less of a priority... 

The most important thing to remember is that when that list does get longer we should ALWAYS make sure our Wellbeing & Self care is at the top! How are we supposed to tackle every job with energy and enthusiasm if we are slowly becoming more and more depleted? Its a vicious circle… But the Bears are here to help! These Wellbeing Bears are here to REMIND you to take care of yourself! To listen to your body, to rest & recharge, to celebrate those little things, to keep going & to love yourself a little more. 

We are all in a bad habit or rushing and racing and trying to do all of things all at once! But I am hoping that you treat yourself to these Bears & pop them somewhere visible where they will catch your eye every now and again, and make you stop, take a breath and relax… even if it’s just for a minute!

This Bear is here with a little melody. Let him act as a reminder to stop every now and again, press pause & listen. The world can get busy, and as a result our mind can get busy - overthinkers I see you & I understand. Be kind to yourself. You are allowed to step back and turn down the noise for a few moments. Sometimes this is all we need to help calm our busy thoughts. 

This Bear is the friendly reminder you need when you feel a little alone. Don't forget all the support and encouragement that surrounds you. Reach out to your friends and family, connect & allow yourself to feel better. It's OK if you need a little reassurance from time to time. We all do. 

This Bear is here to remind you to celebrate all the little things. Focus on the journey, the joy of discovery & allow your mistakes to be opportunities to learn. Celebrate EVERY step of the way & reward yourself for your hard work. You are allowed to be proud of your accomplishments. 

This Bear is here to remind you to rest and recharge when you need to. Don't forget to listen to your body. It's important to take breaks as they lead to a happier healthier you - both in body and mind. Schedule in that screen free time, that weekend offline, that morning walk... find what works for you and make time to do it more often!

This Bear is sending you good luck vibes - It is so important to have a little beacon of hope when things feel hard. Let this little guy remind you that brighter days are coming, that it is OK to not be OK, but it is also OK to keep going & be hopeful. Tomorrow is a new day.

This Bear is here to remind you to love yourself a little more. It's so important to remember to fill up your cup & be kind to yourself. YOU are worthy of happiness and joy so why deny yourself? This is one of my favourites within this collection & will definitely be sitting somewhere visible in my office! 

This collection of Wellbeing Bears are limited edition and available from Friday 21st May at 7PM. Treat yourself & pledge to pop your Bear in a visible spot. When the sparkle catches your eye, take a few minutes to focus on his message. Let him act as a daily reminder, because we all need a bit of encouragement and positivity & these Bears are here to do just that 🌈🌈🌈