This week is mental health awareness week & this years theme is KINDNESS.

We never fully know what is going on in someone else's world. So many of us keep up a shield that guards how we are feeling & what we are thinking. It's so much easier to cling to that shield than to take it down and open up. I think because of this many of us suffer alone, we go through the motions and we keep going because if everyone else can do it then why can't we?⁠

But many, like you are doing the exact same thing. Just because someone carries it well, doesn't mean it's not heavy. When you see that smiling face, that perfect family photo or that immaculate house on Instagram, it doesn't mean they aren't struggling too. We are programmed to celebrate the good moments and to hide the bad. But those moments when we struggle are the moments that make us human. They are the moments that can change our perspective, can help us to grow and become stronger.

When we look at those moments, when the struggle was real we can start to understand. Those moments can teach us compassion and kindness & we can use these experiences to reach out and help others.

Kindness is so powerful. I honestly believe that when we are kind it radiates positivity & that positivity can encourage kindness in others. This is why so many of my Stickers encourage positivity. When you make a purchase for yourself or for a friend I want you to feel motivated to spread a little kindness. 

Make a positive difference to someone by being kind. Open up, reach out & talk. Let someone know that they aren't alone, that you understand, you care & you are here to support them.

Be kind, always x