Today I want to share with you a secret, and it’s a big one! 

Are you ready for it?

I have lost my motivation - to exercise, to look after myself, to practice my self care...shocker right? The maker behind the Insta account that is ALL about bringing you daily motivation, positivity & encouragement through colourful illustrations cannot seem to currently motivate herself! Does this make me a fraud? Hell No! And do you know why? Because, just like you, I am only human. I need little reminders too.

I have all the ideas, I have all the plans & then I wake up & I just don’t do them. And do you know why I don’t do them? Because I’m overtired, I’m juggling, I’m not making time, I’m busy, I’m procrastinating, I’m overthinking & I’m comparing! It feels like I've fallen into an endless circle & the more I go round and round, the more tired and unmotivated I get. Does this sound relatable? So what’s the solution you ask? How do you keep motivated when you have lost your motivation?

The answer is simple…

I know what you are thinking right now...that can’t be right? By doing nothing I will feel motivated to do more? Well, I know it probably doesn’t sound very convincing, but giving yourself a well deserved break is all you really need! And it’s something most of us neglect. I am rubbish at it! But I know (& I know, you know), that a little rest is all we need to get re energised. To find that JOY, that passion, that motivation!

So let’s make a promise to one another to rest more, and see what a difference it can make? I'm going to continue to create positive daily reminders & I’m going to make a conscious effort moving forward to reward myself, a few minutes a day, a few hours a week - to just sit & do absolutely nothing! Who’s with me?!?